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With the modern workplace evolving from a traditional office environment and leveraging a wider talent pool that sees a multi-national, multi-generational workplace being employed, it’s vital that businesses of all size and stature deploy solutions that enable greater efficiency, collaboration, productivity and security.

Microsoft’s Cloud Services contain a range of solutions and applications designed to enhance your business environment by starting with your IT infrastructure. Below, we touch upon just a handful of solutions and applications available through the Microsoft Cloud.


SharePoint acts as a user-friendly central hub, providing fast access to company documents and data. Hosted on the Microsoft Cloud, these resources can be accessed remotely, enabling businesses to implement remote working policies, remove limitations and improve team motivation & productivity. Businesses, especially those that have multiple offices, rely on field sales teams or personnel that travel frequently and they find that SharePoint streamlines those task forces.

Documents can be shared both internally and externally, reducing duplication of work or making processes shorter and simpler, while the heightened search functionality allows users to locate information effortlessly.

OneDrive makes file management far easier than traditional solutions, enabling employees to access files from anywhere, from any device.


Office 365 offers collaboration tools such as Yammer and Microsoft Teams and provides workspaces where all employees within an organisation can engage with their colleagues and leadership team, creating a culture of teamwork, open communication and innovation. These solutions, delivered by Microsoft Cloud Services, work to keep employees involved and invested in the organisation, resulting in high levels of productivity.

SharePoint also contributes to team collaboration through easy sharing capabilities; documents can be edited and amended in SharePoint in real-time, while also offering version history.


Companies across the world are faced with an increased volume of cyber and data security threats and rely on managed service providers to prevent, manage and respond to these threats. Microsoft Azure is a vastly secure application; using hundreds of data centres with extensive, multi-layered security controls that are integrated into the hardware along with built-in security controls and solutions like Azure Multi-Factor Authentication and Role-Based Access. Other security functions that Microsoft Azure offers includes network and application security groups, web application firewalls, Azure DDoS Protection and Azure Key Vault.

SharePoint features again under the security umbrella, offering encryption of data in transit and at rest using SSL/TLS encryption with 2048-bit keys, and BitLocker & AES-256 per-file security, as well as integrating with Microsoft Azure Storage Service Encryption. SharePoint Online also provides anti-malware protection, a service that scans files once they have been uploaded, before warning a user if they try to open an infected file.

These services coupled with our ingrained proactive approach to threats means that you are in very safe hands.

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