IT Strategy Services

What is an IT Strategy?

An IT strategy is a comprehensive document that provides a blueprint for how technology and infrastructure will be implemented within a business, to enable it to meet its goals.

The IT strategy document will take the form of an IT Roadmap, in short – a proposal document with our recommendations. This proposal includes the varying factors that influence a businesses investment in technology, along with the way that it will be used, and covers elements such as hardware and software management, as well as the management of vendors and risks.

Flexibility is key when it comes to creating an IT support strategy; it will be required to change to effectively respond to organisational changes, market and industry trends, technological advancements, internal competencies and skill sets, as well budgetary constraints.

Our Approach to IT Strategy Services

At Chalkline, we take a prescriptive approach to each client, and before we can embark on creating a holistic IT strategy, we need to understand your organisation at an intricate level.

Our IT strategy services process looks like this:

Business Analysis

Our first step would be to conduct a full business analysis and high-level overview of the current IT infrastructure. This will see us asking questions around your objectives for IT, its current strengths and weaknesses, existing architecture, capabilities and capacities, staffing and resources and any known vulnerabilities.

What’s the business direction?

In order to future-proof your business, and ensure that your IT solution doesn’t quickly become obsolete or hinder your business, it’s important that we understand the direction that your business will be moving in over the next 3-5 years.

For instance, are you looking to grow, take on new staff or expand into a new location? Or are you looking to take on much larger accounts, or even Government or local authority contracts? This, for instance, could influence security accreditation that may be required.

Current Workflows and Processes

By investigating the current workflows within the business, for example, where your data is stored, we can begin to develop an understanding of how we can improve them and make efficiencies.

This IT strategy document is often presented to the company’s board to ensure that it is not overlooked.

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