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IT Service Management, often shortened to ITSM, is a term that encompasses all strategies and actions that are involved in the planning, creation, delivery and managing the ongoing IT services from provider to client.

IT services refer to the information technology that is in use, from the hardware such as laptops and screens, the server and printers, applications installed on the machines and IaaS and PaaS services. Of course, the security options in place also fall under the realm of IT Service Management. The discipline ties in with other IT services including software engineering and IT security management.

You may know IT Service Management simply as ‘IT Support’ and consider it as the service that ensures your technology runs at its optimal level on a day to day basis, without any glitches or cybersecurity breaches. Although, as IT ambassadors, we would like to point out that IT Service Management extends far beyond this and service providers like Chalkline are accountable for managing these services end-to-end.


It’s likely that within your business, there is an employee that is IT savvy and is responsible for overseeing the IT services in some capacity. However, in order to ensure that your business can run as efficiently as possible, outsourcing IT Service Management to an IT service provider enables you to focus on your core business, improving the quality of services it delivers and supporting growth.

As a team of IT experts, we will take the time to understand the needs of your business that extend beyond the IT services to make sure that we are designing and delivering products and services that support these needs.

IT Service Management isn’t a static service and we will strive to evolve your IT services and infrastructure to align with business growth and to ensure you are capitalising on the latest technology that will future-proof the company.


The flexible and remote nature of IT services and IT service management, coupled with our in-depth knowledge and expertise means that we can deliver these services to businesses across the country effectively.

Our location on the outskirts of London also means we can deliver exceptionally high levels of IT Service Management to firms in London. We work with several large, fast-paced businesses in London in a range of industry from financial services, marketing and media, recruitment and executive search.

We understand the needs of these businesses, from implementing remote working and ensuring data accessibility from any location to delivering services and technology that mean multiple offices can connect and collaborate seamlessly.

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