Cloud Storage Backup Solutions

No IT solution is complete without thinking about backup & disaster recovery.
Cloud Backup • Ultimate resilience

Even if you are on the cloud we still need to make sure your data is backed up.

It’s not just about the platform but also about the data. We can back up all types of data from server system state to databases.

The bottom line is that all your data needs to be backed up and we will make sure it is all covered.

We use Asigra backup software to enable us to provide comprehensive, enterprise-grade backups to all our clients.


You don’t need to install software on each computer for your backups to run.

A designated backup server does all the heavy lifting, which makes installation simple & unobtrusive.


Anything backed up using the Asigra software is automatically encrypted.

You can choose for us to hold the encryption keys for you or you can store them yourselves (so you can decide who can access your secure data).


Asigra is compatible with all major operating systems and database platforms and supports a wide range of backup sources & types to ensure it can meet your business requirements.


We work with all of our customers to ensure that everything you need is backed up and that your backups are tested to meet your requirements, so you have no hidden surprises if you do need to restore from a backup.

Like most cloud products we recommend, pricing is based on usage so you only pay for what you use (rounded to the nearest GB).


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