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According to Gartner, 20% of IT budgets are now being spent on cloud-based services.

Sectors that deal with extremely sensitive data are often reluctant to break away from legacy IT infrastructures, amid concerns that the complex software they used won’t be seamlessly integrated into a new platform, causing downtime and confusion.

At Chalkline, we will use our vast experience working in the financial and legal sectors to create an IT roadmap that offers you a highly secure solution. Our solutions will also enable collaboration and communication between locations – all whilst still ensuring you are compliant with industry regulations.

“As a business, we were far too reliant on internal systems. The biggest benefit is that Chalkline made the effort to understand what we do and has been proactive in suggesting ways that technology can help our business.” Haibun Partners LLP, London-based FCA registered financial intermediary.

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Cloud infrastructure is not a static, passive part of your business; it's not a tick box exercise.

The cloud is constantly evolving and expanding, and whether you have a cloud-based or on-premise infrastructure, our IT roadmaps will enable you to implement processes and solutions that will take your IT, and business to the next level.

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