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August 18th 2017 / Post Article Busylights – why and what are they? We all use Skype for Business (SfB), right? For those of you that don’t know what SfB is, it’s the instant communication element of Office 365. It’s chat, calling, conferencing, video, sharing all bundled into one application. It really is an amazing product!  View post
August 11th 2017 / Post Article Electronic Signatures & DocuSign For those of you who don’t know, DocuSign is an electronic signature tool. It is used to complete approvals and agreements in a matter of minutes rather than days – from any device, in any location. View post
August 4th 2017 / Post Article We had a flood! Luckily, we’re in the Cloud! One of our clients called us recently as they had a flood in their server room and there had been serious hardware damage. They share the building with a few other companies and also share the server room which was in the basement of the building. View post
July 31st 2017 / News Article Serious about Security As part of our continuous drive for quality and security, Chalkline is proud to have been certified compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 standard for the delivery of consultancy, design, installation and support of IT systems.To achieve the certifications, Chalkline’s compliance was validated by an independent auditor after demonstrating an ongoing and methodical approach to our internal processes, managing and protecting company and customer data.   View post
June 29th 2017 / Post Article Think ahead – be secure! About 4 weeks ago, one of our clients who shall remain anonymous called us in a panic. During the night, they had been burgled and their 4 laptops which were key to the running of their business had been stolen. View post
June 21st 2017 / Post Article We all do a lot more than we think! The core focus of our business is around the Microsoft Cloud stack, specifically Office 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite and Microsoft Azure, but when we counted exactly how many services we provided, there were 40+ individual products and services! View post
April 28th 2017 / Post Article Microsoft FindTime First, let me set the scene. I am a Business Development Associate at Chalkline. My role heavily involves booking meetings with prospects and clients every day of the week - I am forever sending and rescheduling meetings. View post
April 7th 2017 / Post Article Introducing Microsoft Bookings Microsoft Bookings is a great tool for small businesses and very simply offers a service to customers so that they can book appointments.Say goodbye to sending emails back and forth, playing phone tag and reminding people to show up to appointments – thanks to Microsoft Bookings scheduling an appointment has never been simpler.It provides an easy to use tool (online or mobile app) for both the client and staff members and really is for any type of business that provides or requires an appointment booking system E.g. Hair salons, dental offices, law firms, financial services providers, consultants, etc. View post
February 24th 2017 / Post Article Should I use the Azure UK datacenters? On 7th September 2016 Microsoft was officially the first global public cloud provider to offer a complete and trusted cloud solution from data centres in the UK. View post
February 17th 2017 / Post Article Introducing: Office 365 Planner Have you ever used OneNote or something similar to assign tasks or create plans for future projects?Office 365 have introduced Planner which will help keep yourself and your organisation focused with an easy to access; easy to use planner. Quite simply it makes it easy for a team to create new plans, organise and assign tasks, share files, chat about what they’re working on, and get updates on progress.Below are 5 things you should know about the new Planner feature. View post
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