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November 17th 2017 / Post Article Projects and how we manage them A few years ago, I worked for a Local Authority ICT department. I think it’s fair to say that whenever the word ‘Project’ was used, the resources team was always overcome by an overwhelming feeling of apprehension! View post
October 27th 2017 / Post Article It’s important to escalate As much as we'd like to be able to deal with all issues ourselves, sometimes this is not possible and so we need to pass it to a more senior colleague to assist.  View post
September 22nd 2017 / Post Article How we support you From monitoring to end user remote support, we have a myriad of tools that we use on a daily basis to provide the best possible support to our clients across the globe. While our clients may never see some of these tools, they are critical in keeping their systems running quickly, efficiently & securely. View post
September 15th 2017 / Post Article New kid on the block I joined Chalkline about six weeks ago now and I thought it would be interesting to document my experience and how I have been welcomed into the Chalkline family. View post
September 8th 2017 / Post Article Business Intelligence Data is in the mind (hopefully) of all businesses around the world. The ability to analyse your data, define trends and make informed business decisions based on actual, real and relevant data. It is literally revolutionising the way businesses function today. View post
August 18th 2017 / Post Article Busylights – why and what are they? We all use Skype for Business (SfB), right? For those of you that don’t know what SfB is, it’s the instant communication element of Office 365. It’s chat, calling, conferencing, video, sharing all bundled into one application. It really is an amazing product!  View post
August 11th 2017 / Post Article Electronic Signatures & DocuSign For those of you who don’t know, DocuSign is an electronic signature tool. It is used to complete approvals and agreements in a matter of minutes rather than days – from any device, in any location. View post
August 4th 2017 / Post Article We had a flood! Luckily, we’re in the Cloud! One of our clients called us recently as they had a flood in their server room and there had been serious hardware damage. They share the building with a few other companies and also share the server room which was in the basement of the building. View post
July 31st 2017 / News Article Serious about Security As part of our continuous drive for quality and security, Chalkline is proud to have been certified compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 standard for the delivery of consultancy, design, installation and support of IT systems.To achieve the certifications, Chalkline’s compliance was validated by an independent auditor after demonstrating an ongoing and methodical approach to our internal processes, managing and protecting company and customer data.   View post
June 29th 2017 / Post Article Think ahead – be secure! About 4 weeks ago, one of our clients who shall remain anonymous called us in a panic. During the night, they had been burgled and their 4 laptops which were key to the running of their business had been stolen. View post
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