In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • What digital transformation is, and what it means to SMBs
  • An example of hybrid cloud in action via a case study with our client, Ingram Winter Green, a London-city law firm
  • What ‘hybrid cloud’ means
  • The difference between private and public cloud
  • The tangible benefits that cloud computing brings to a business
  • What inhibits the impact of digital transformation?

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According to Gartner, 20% of IT budgets are now being spent on cloud-based services

Digital transformation is rapidly being recognised as a driving force behind company growth due to its positive impact on customer experience, business efficiency and data analytical capabilities.

For those companies that want to leverage the power of digital transformation, but also retain a higher degree of control over sensitive data, or rely on complex software, a hybrid cloud solution is often the answer.

However, to many, both terms remain a mystery. That’s why we created our recent whitepaper – Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure and its Role in Digital Transformation – to explain what these terms refer to and the benefits they bring to small and medium sized businesses.