Our Time at Microsoft Inspire 2018: Motivation, Inspiration and Viva Las Vegas

Let’s start by being honest here – it’s fair to say that the IT sector doesn’t have a legacy reputation for being the most exciting industry, (think back to the IT Crowd), but as technology advances and the spotlight intensifies, the widespread old-hat perception is beginning to change.


To clarify, we at Chalkline like to think of ourselves as an outgoing, dynamic, and thoroughly entertaining bunch, so when Microsoft announced that this year’s Inspire event was going to take place in Las Vegas again, we confirmed our place immediately.

Because that’s the kind of people we are.

Top tips for migrating to SharePoint

Whether you want to digitalize the data at your business or want to make use of an enterprise document management solution, SharePoint Online is ideal. To get the benefits of these, first you need to migrate your data into SharePoint, and that journey runs a risk of being a bumpy one if the points below are not addressed from the onset.

Why we love Dropbox

Backing up your documents, pictures and other data is one of the most important things you can do with an IT system. Most businesses have catalogues of documents that, if lost, would have catastrophic consequences. It is important that these items are backed up – one solution for this is Dropbox Business.