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November 14th 2018 / Post Article
Our Managing Director, David Smetana was recently asked to share expertise on the digital transformation of the financial services... View post
November 14th 2018 / Post Article
We strive to delve into our clients' businesses to enable us to understand the inner workings and processes that drive them forward,... View post
November 8th 2018 / Post Article
Only last month we wrote a blog that detailed Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008 reaching end of support in July 2019. Now, we’d like to... View post
October 23rd 2018 / Post Article
9th July 2019 is the date that SQL Server 2008 reaches end of support. While Microsoft made the announcement with a timescale that meant... View post
October 3rd 2018 / Post Article
It's 2018, and your head should at least be in the cloud, even if your company's IT infrastructure hasn’t quite made it there yet. View post
Attending cloud technology conference Microsoft Inspire 2018
September 6th 2018 / Post Article
Let’s start by being honest here – it’s fair to say that the IT sector doesn’t have a legacy reputation for being the most... View post
January 12th 2018 / Post Article
Whether you want to digitalize the data at your business or want to make use of an enterprise document management solution, SharePoint... View post
January 5th 2018 / Post Article
Backing up your documents, pictures and other data is one of the most important things you can do with an IT system. Most businesses... View post
November 17th 2017 / Post Article
A few years ago, I worked for a Local Authority ICT department. I think it’s fair to say that whenever the word ‘Project’ was... View post
October 27th 2017 / Post Article
As much as we'd like to be able to deal with all issues ourselves, sometimes this is not possible and so we need to pass it to a more... View post
September 22nd 2017 / Post Article
From monitoring to end user remote support, we have a myriad of tools that we use on a daily basis to provide the best possible support... View post
September 15th 2017 / Post Article
I joined Chalkline about six weeks ago now and I thought it would be interesting to document my experience and how I have been welcomed... View post
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