Author: David Smetana

January 2nd 2019
First Line Support Analyst | Day in the Life
In November, we published the first post in the 'Day in the Life' series. The purpose of these articles is to provide transparency and... View article
November 14th 2018
SharePoint Consultant | Day in the Life
We strive to delve into our clients' businesses to enable us to understand the inner workings and processes that drive them forward,... View article
Attending cloud technology conference Microsoft Inspire 2018
September 6th 2018
Our Time at Microsoft Inspire 2018: Motivation, Inspiration and Viva Las Vegas
Let’s start by being honest here – it’s fair to say that the IT sector doesn’t have a legacy reputation for being the most... View article
August 18th 2017
Busylights – why and what are they?
We all use Skype for Business (SfB), right? For those... View article
August 4th 2017
We had a flood! Luckily, we’re in the Cloud!
One of our clients called us recently as they had a flood in their server room and there had been serious hardware damage. They share... View article
June 29th 2017
Think ahead – be secure!
About 4 weeks ago, one of our clients who shall remain anonymous called us in a panic. During the night, they had been burgled and 4... View article
June 21st 2017
We all do a lot more than we think!
The core focus of our business is around the Microsoft Cloud stack, specifically View article
February 24th 2017
Should I use the Azure UK datacenters?
On 7th September 2016 Microsoft was officially the first global public cloud provider to offer a complete and trusted cloud solution... View article